How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

Choose A Correct Vacuum Cleaner

The type of vacuum you will need to buy will vary according to its intended purpose. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from. The best of buying a vacuum cleaner is that there is almost definitely a machine out there to fit your lifestyle.


There is a vast range of types in vacuum cleaners with different price points, you’ll quickly become bogged down with too much information. Try to pick the right vacuum for each task.

Remember: A good vacuum cleaner can make a grueling task a bearable one.

You need to find out how to choose the right portable vacuum for the best cleaning experience

How Do You Choose The Right Car Vacuum? Next?

  • Take a look at small vacuums that can cater to your needs easily.
  • Choose a vacuum that is not too powerful but efficient enough to clean the dust in your car.


  • Find the most portable handheld vacuum that can cater to your needs.
  • Using heavier vacuums can be tiring to use so opt in for relatively light ones.
  • Optin for renowned brands that have a history of quality products instead of going for something cheap.


How willing are you to charge your vacuum cleaner every day?

Consider the amount of time it takes to charge your vacuum cleaner and how long the battery life is.


  • Estimated batter life is indicated on boxes and it should serve is a good indicator.
  • Vacuums with docking stations are preferred.


  • Estimated batter life is indicated on boxes and it should serve is a good indicator.
  • Attachments can help you clean hard to reach places very easily.
  • Try getting vacuums with brush rolls. These rolls make cleaning car carpets very easily.
  • The size of the dirt cup should also be something you need to keep in mind when choosing a cleaner.


Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This traditional design is still the most popular vacuum in the US. Upright vacuum cleaners tend to cost less than canister vacuums.

  • Pros Uprights generally provide a wider cleaning path than canisters, and they tend to be better at deep-cleaning carpets. Most are also easier to store.
  • Cons You must drag the entire machine back and forth for most floor and carpet cleaning. Some top performers weigh
    over 20 pounds, although many competent machines are much lighter. Uprights also tend to be noisier than canisters overall.

Average price: $49-$679
Average weight: 14-17 pounds

Canister Vacuum CleanerCanister Vacuum Cleaner

The best ones clean carpets just about as well as uprights.(Pet owners note: The uprights and canisters that did best at regular cleaning also tended to excel at picking up pet hair)

  • Pros Canisters tend to be better than uprights for cleaning bare floors, drapes, upholstery, and under furniture. And they’re also easier to handle on stairs. Most are quieter, and you mostly need to move only the hose and power head of the canister vacuum, not the entire machine.
  • Cons The entire vacuum tends to be heavier and bulkier than an upright, and the hose and wand make a canister harder to store.

Average price: $59-$899
Average weight: 8-13 pounds

Vacuum CleanerStick Vacuum Cleaner

Stick vacuums generally provide smaller capacities than upright models but they do weigh less. Like uprights, they have long bodies and handles, and foot nozzles. Many are battery powered. They are mainly for picking up surface litter and not a replacement for a good performing deep cleaning conventional vacuum.

  • Pros They’re convenient when you need to quickly clean up a mess.
  • Cons Most don’t perform as well on carpet as handheld vacuums, the capacity of their dirt bin is typically small, and most are fairly noisy.

Average price: $29-$349
Average weight: <10 pounds

Hand-Held Vacuum CleanerHand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

These miniature electric models come with or without a power cord.

  • Pros They’re handy for light, quick surface cleaning on short-pile carpets and bare floors or tables.
  • Cons They lack the power and capacity of full-sized models

Average price: $17-$199
Average weight: 5 pounds

Robot Vacuum CleanerRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Think of these more as expensive novelties than practical appliances at this moment. As they are unable to replace the traditional vacuum cleaners.

  • Pros Do the grunge work while you relax. In uncluttered rooms, a robotic vacuum can fill in between regular vacuuming sessions.
  • Cons They can be time-consuming to set up and run, and they tended to miss edges and corners in our tests. Some also tended to close doors behind them, locking themselves in a room. Robotic vacuums are not the smartest yet, but the future will tell if they can replace the traditional ones.

Average price: $29-$349
Average weight: <10 pounds

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