Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

To be able to choose the best vacuum cleaner, you need to know first its different types.

1. Upright vacuum cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaner is a device to suck up dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces like upholstery and draperies. This is the Most Popular Vacuum Type on the Market. The motor and the suction head are put in the same unit, that the user has to push in front of him.

Vacuum Cleaner


Canister vacuum is specialist as a home sweeper. It makes clean hardwood floors, heavy carpet, upholstery and drapes. With the canister vacuum cleaner, a separate canister is attached to a long wand. Thus can be used to maintain carpeted areas as well as it can be used to maintain bare flooring.


Bays are installed in a basement, garage, or storage room in walls throughout the building to remove particles, dust, and small debris. Central vacuum systems are designed such that they can remove dirt and debris from buildings and send dirt particles through tubes which
have also been installed inside the walls to a the dirt


Drum vacuum cleaners are for industry or any others heavy-duty that consist of a large drum cylinder that connected to an air compress


A lightweight Cleaning vacuums are for limited space with carpet and bare floors that often use rechargeable batteries. If you want to get into that narrow place and get a great job done, the stick vacuum might be what you want to pick. While it may not be as powerful as other vacuum cleaners, you can count on your it to fix the dirt in all the narrow places even on hardwood floors.


An autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner has Intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system that is often called a robovac. You do not exactly need a lot of effort to use a robotic vacuum cleaner. It can do a lot of work all by itself. These vacuums can freely move around your house and pick up all the dirt on the way as they move.


Very simple and small handle vacuum that is special to use on bare floors. Handheld vacuums are those ones specially designed to help you get to those areas which are usually tough to get. This is very commonly
used with cars especially as it is held by hand.


The Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner is designed to tackle liquid spills and dry dirt and dust as well for Industrial. These ones can be used to clean up wet parts or liquid skills. They work with the same principles of the traditional vacuum cleaners. It’s easy to switch between the wet and dry mode. The main difference is, they take in air better.


The cordless vacuum cleaner is like handheld vacuum without any cord. But It has a handle to use.

Comparison for Bagged VS Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Holds more dirt
Better at trapping dust
Bags include filters
Essential for allergies/asthma
Less regular costs
Transparent dust chambers

X Bags are a regular cost ($)
X Poorer suction
X Suction can decrease as bags fill
X Fills more quickly
X Filters need to be replaced ($$)
X Exposure to dust on emptying

Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Vacuum


Vacuum cleaners have different prices depending on the features they offer. Therefore, it’s important for you to set your budget first before going to the store to purchase a vacuum. Ask yourself first how much you are willing to spend for a vacuum cleaner.


Not all vacuum cleaners can be used in different types of floors that’s why it’s important to consider your floor type first before choosing a vacuum. Here are some of the floor types and the best type of vacuums for them.

Hardwood Floors: The best type of vacuum cleaner for this floor type is canister vacuum. Avoid those with plastic wheels.

Tile Floors: Vacuums with wet and dry function is best used on tiled floors.

Laminate Floors: Canister style vacuums or those suction-only vacuums are best for this floor type.

Low-Pile Carpet: All types of vacuums can be used for low-pile carpets. Those with powerful suction can be a great choice as well.

Plush Carpet: Upright vacuums are perfect for plush carpets. Choose a vacuum where the brush feature can be turned off because it can ruin the carpet. great choice as well.


When choosing a vacuum cleaner, aside from the price and the floor type compatibility, here are the features you should look into which may help you select the best one.

Size and weight: If you only have a small area to clean, then a small and lightweight vacuum cleaner might work for you.

Suction power: If your home is carpeted, you should consider choosing a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power.

Type of dust collectors: You should also know if the vacuum you’ll be purchasing has a bag or it’s bag less. If it has a bag, you may need to purchase additional bags for replacement

Tools: Make sure to check all the tools it comes with and how they are used.

Filtration system: If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, it’s better to choose a vacuum with HEPA filtration system because it can absorb the allergens from the air.

Battery type for cordless vacuums: For cordless vacuums like handheld ones, it’s important to know how long its battery can last as well as its runtime.


There are certainly a lot of vacuum cleaners to choose from but we hope the tips from this infographic helped you decide what type of vacuum to get. Just remember to choose one which will cater all your needs to keep your home clean.

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