What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need?

What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need?

What Type of Vacuum Cleaner Do You Need?

Upright vacuum

• For carpets or rugs mostly
• Great for removing pet hair and allergens
• Effective for cleaning thick carpets and rugs

Handheld vacuum

• For furniture and vertical surfaces
• For car
• For quick spot cleaning

Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuum

Great mobility: easy cleaning stairs, under or behind the furniture and other hard-to-reach places
• Best choice for a combination of bare floors (tiled or wooden) and of rugs
• One of the most powerful types of domestic vacuums

Carpet cleaner

• For deep carpet cleaning (including wet cleaning)
• Great for cleaning carpets from pet hair, allergen’s and stains
• Maintaining maximum carpet cleanliness for children

Stick vacuum

• For quick daily cleaning
• Storage is easy
2 in 1: Can combine stick and handheld vacuum in one

Robot vacuumRobot vacuum

• For keeping floors always clean
• For saving time on regular cleaning
• To keep your pets busy

Steam vacuum

• Can replace a broom, dustpan, mop, bucket and vacuum cleaner
• Steam deodorizes, sanitizes and kills bacteria
• Great for cleaning bare floors (read instructions first!)

Commercial vacuum

• Perfect for large and very dirty areas
• Removing construction waste
• Cleaning both wet and dry surfaces

The most important features to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner

  • suction power
  • filtration system
  • size and weight
  • type of dust collectors tools
  • battery type and runtime
  • for cordless vacuums
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